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We at FRP Services & Company have been working with leading producers of fibre glass reinforcement products from Japan and world wide for over 30 years. We are thus best placed to assist you with all your fibre glass reinforcement needs. Fibre glass products are made by melting selected raw materials in special furnaces (at a temperature up to 1550 C). This glass infusion feeds bushings (special moulds with hundreds of holes) and is then drawn into fine fibre forms (glass flows from the holes and is drawn at high speed). Fine fibres are then processed to various types of reinforcements as well as textile yarns and fabrics. Reinforcement products - Roving, Woven Roving, Chopped Strands, Chopped Strand Mat, Textile, Fabrics - are used to make a wide range of reinforcement plastic products which are used in the Construction, Marine, Automotive, Anti-corrosion, Electrical / Electronic and Sports / Consumer Goods markets. The majority of fibre glass reinforcement products are based on E glass composition.

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