Cyclopentane Isopentane Blend Oritane

Available in Various Ratios
Oritane 70:30
Oritane 75:25
Oritane 80:20

Tailormade Solution as per customer requirements also available.

Refrigeration Industry
Rigid Polyurethane Insulated Panles / Boards for Construction Industry.
Octane Booster High performance fuel like Formula 1 racing car fuels.
Application :
Cyclopentane and Blends are basically used as a blowing Agent for the replacement of HCFC 141B for Rigid Polyurethane.
HCFC 141 B is already banned using in USA and many other countries already and many countries have stop using this product by 2012 as it is depleting Ozone layer, and so it is being replaced by a substitute Cyclopentane and blends used as blowing agent.