For decades we have served customized solutions from our extensive global network to a range of industries covering entry level technology or leading edge material and equipment to manufacturers in marine, cast polymer, corrosion, construction, consumer, and related composites industries.

Whatever your Composite needs we can assist you

A specialist in the field for over 40 years, FRP Services boasts information and product distribution networks that extend across some 80 countries. Our range of products and services has grown to encompass every facet of FRP from basic technology to advanced materials and equipment. Our highly qualified engineers on our sales staff will assist you to find the ideal solution for your FRP questions.

Proven and reliable global expertise

We are renowned as being experts of the markets that we serve, employing the knowledge of specialists who have in depth experience of the local markets and global trends. Our sales offices in North and South America, Europe, Far East, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South Asia work seamlessly along with our headquarters in Japan to help create the most cost effective business solutions that best achieve your identified need or objective.

Quality products at a reasonable price

We source our products from leading manufacturers in Japan and all over the world. Our long standing business partnerships result in the most cost advantageous solutions for you as we aim to provide our clients with superior goods at competitive prices.

Our unparalleled logistics support network

As you operate in markets of cut throat competitiveness you can rely on our logistics network to keep you ahead of your competition. With warehouses in seven countries, including Singapore, U.S.A., France, Japan, Indian, Dubai and China, we guarantee prompt, reliable delivery anywhere in the world.